Hard-Hitting Cinema Campaign

Commissioned as part of the Scottish Police Federation’s #itswhatwedo campaign, ‘Robert’ is the second instalment of three award-winning cinema adverts.
To help raise awareness of the challenges and decisions faced by ordinary police officers in the line of duty, our aim was to put the viewer in the shoes of a police officer as he attends a road traffic accident.  Shot in a single, continuous take, the audience experiences the scene in real-time as it unfolds.  We are with the officer every step of the way, right up until the end when he has a potentially heart-breaking decision to make.
Like the other films in this campaign, ‘Robert’ was shot handheld.  The camera movement was designed to make the viewer feel part of the action but it was essential that it remained invisible as a mechanism so that it didn’t distract the audience from the dramatic tension.  This approach led to some interesting challenges, one of which being how to move a 20lb cinema camera through the window of a police car as the officer parks up and exits the vehicle!